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Adult Learn-to-Paddle

For those looking to get on the water and learn some new skills, Adult Learn-to-Paddle is the program for you! This six week program introduces you to the basics of paddling different water crafts, such as, kayaking, sprint canoeing, paddle boarding, recreational canoeing. Overall, this program offers a fun experience on the water in the heart of Peterborough!

Cost:  $120.00+HST

Training: Tuesday @ 6:30pm for 6-weeks starting July 6th.                                                          

Masters Flatwater Program

Do you enjoy paddling?  Do you want to try something new and exciting? We have the program for you!

In the world of sprint kayaking/canoeing the term 'Masters' refers to anyone over the age of 25. Our program is ideal for new paddlers, as well as an avid paddler who wants to try a new challenge. Our Masters program will run two days a week teaching adults how to paddle olympic style boats meant for speed!  The program will allow participants to try single boats as well as crew boats. Each session involves some sort of on-water workout where we improve our fitness and prepare to potentially race against other canoe clubs around Southern Ontario.

Cost:  $375+HST (racing requires additional fees)

Training: Monday & Wednesday @ 6:30pm -                                                             (Friday at 6:30am optional)