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Youth Camps


Welcome to our Summer Camp program, where kids can dive into the exciting world of sprint canoeing and kayaking! Our camp offers a fantastic opportunity for your children to enjoy the outdoors, learn essential water safety, and develop skills and confidence in flat water sprint canoeing, kayaking, and Dragon Boat. Campers will master balance, steering, and paddling techniques, while also learning about water safety and boat care and are provided with opportunities to attend regatta events.

On the first day, we’ll assess each camper’s swim proficiency and boating comfort level to tailor the experience to their needs. Lifejackets are mandatory for all water activities, ensuring safety at all times. Every week promises a mix of fun and adventure, utilizing the scenic beauty of Peterborough’s Little Lake to its fullest.

Our camp isn't just about water sports; we include a variety of land-based activities to keep the fun going. Kids will engage in cooperative group games, team sports like soccer, volleyball, and capture the flag.

Our dedicated summer staff are certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), holding at least a Canoe Kids Community Coach certification. They are also certified in first aid and are skilled paddlers and swimmers. With safety as our top priority, all on water activities are supported by safety boat supporting our paddlers. We ensure a fun, knowledgeable, and cooperative environment for an unforgettable camp experience