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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Does PCKC rent canoes and kayaks?

Most of our boats are racing boats which make them very expensive and unstable. For that reason we do not rent our equipment to the public.

What does CKC stand for?

Canoe Kayak Canada. The national governing body for our sport.

What does EOD stand for?

Eastern Ontario Division, to which the Peterborough Canoe & Kayak Club is a part of.

What are the various acronyms used for boats?

K = Kayak and the number proceeding this identifies how many people/what type of kayak it is. For example, a K4 is a 4-person Kayak.
C = (Canadian) Canoe and the number proceeding this identifies how many people/what type of canoe it is. For example, a C2 is a 2-person Canoe and C4 is a 4-person Canadian C4.
C15 = Typically referred to as a “War Canoe” is a 15-person Canadian Canoe.

Is there a difference between adult and youth boats

Yes. The primary difference is the size and boats are smaller and easier to control. The club has been working hard over the years to acquire new boats that are adequately sized for our younger members, which has a direct impact on overall performance and results.

Does my child have to know how to paddle to participate in programs?

Our programs are structured to support paddlers from the very beginner stage to the highest of performers. Youth who have not paddled before are encouraged to join our Canoe Kayak Camp or Youth Development  Programs available on a weekly basis or throughout the full summer.

Does my child have to participate in regattas?

Not all programs require members to participate in regattas. For Canoe Kayak Kids, members are encouraged to participate in regatta(s) to introduce young members to racing. Others, such as Youth Development members, are encouraged to participate in various regattas to further develop their paddling abilities and competitive racing skills.

How safe are my kids at the club?

Above all else, child safety is our utmost concern and #1 priority. As such, we take extreme care to ensure all of our members can participate in our programs in a safe and friendly environment. Coaches, staff and volunteers work hard to ensure the safety of all participants on the water.  As well as being competent paddlers, all coaches at the club are certified through our National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), confident swimmers and Boat Operator Accredited training. Safety boats are always within sight and ready to respond and carry additional life saving jackets. To provide a safe and secure environment for our weekly summer camp programs the ratio of staff to kids is 1:10.  For all other kids programs, the ratio of coaches to kids is 1:12. We have established safety policies and ensure our coaches and staff members are fully trained on boat safety, water safety, etc. and continue to revise policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our members.

How important is sun safety at the club?

Sun safety is very important to us. We encourage our youth members throughout the day to apply and re-apply sunscreen as they are outside for the majority of the day. If our members do not have sunscreen, we will provide it. We encourage parents to remind their children of the importance of wearing sunscreen and re-applying through the day. We suggest either a sport and/or spray on waterproof sunscreen with a high SPF to ensure adequate coverage.

What does my child need to bring?

For youth programs, we recommend your child bring the following:

  • Bathing suit, towel and plastic bag for wet items
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Water bottle (can be refilled)
  • Lunch with drink (sports drinks or ice tee recommended)
  • Closable lunch kits (to prevent any seagulls from stealing it)
  • Running shoes (sandals can worn, but not recommended for outdoor activities)